All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.

LA offices

Santacana is a multidisciplinary studio specialized in film and photography direction, production and graphic design. The combination of our diversified backgrounds allows us to adapt and fit any project size, blending into the surrounding.

The three of us have been, in our own way and discipline, within the audio-visual and creative industry for years. All the experience and skills acquired so far have steered us towards our dream, Santacana Studio.

The realism of human feel is the transversal element that have brought us together. Whether you are a worldwide established business or the skate shop around the corner, we natively apply our behind-the-scenes approach that makes you feel part of the scene, and we do it with diligence.

Every project is a part of us. We become experts in each story we capture because we love what we do, and so, we do it with love.

Alex de Cortada
Film & Creative Director

Sergi Cuadrado
Filmmaker & Photographer

Marc Garrido
Creative & Design

Joao Alves
Brand Consultant